Álvares, Baltasar

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Álvares, Baltasar (fl. 1570–1620). Portuguese architect, partly responsible for the fine Church of St Vicente de Fora (begun 1582), Lisbon, the handsome west front of which (designed 1615) is entirely his work, although Filippo Terzi (c. 1520–97) was responsible for the plan of the building, which is derived from that of Il Gèsu, Rome. He worked for the Jesuits, designing a number of churches for the Society, including the splendid Mannerist façade of St Lourenço, Oporto (begun 1614). His uncle, Afonso (fl. 1550–75), designed the hall-church Cathedrals of Leiria (1559–74) and Portalegre (begun 1556), and contributed to the designs of the Jesuit churches of Espírito Santo (1567–74), Évora, and St Rocque (1567), Lisbon.


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Álvares, Baltasar

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Álvares, Baltasar