Álvarez Ponce de León, Griselda (1913–)

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Álvarez Ponce de León, Griselda (1913–)

Born in Guadalajara on April 5, 1913, Griselda Álvarez is considered one of the foremost feminist poets in México. She is both a politician and a poet. In 1979 she became the first female governor of the state of Colima. As an accomplished poet, capable of creating an unmatched verbal sensuality, Álvarez owes her fame to the rich, erotic lyrics that have characterized much of her work. In her introduction to 10 mujeres en la poesía Mexicana del siglo XX, Álvarez points out that women long for the right to have an active sexuality, and this satisfaction can be found within a woman's soul, where she is "unpredictable like the cyclones" (p. 10).

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Álvarez Ponce de León, Griselda (1913–)

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