Alvarado, Antonio (1938–)

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Alvarado, Antonio (1938–)

Antonio Alvarado (b. 1938), Panamanian abstract painter. Although he studied under the figurative painter Alberto Dutary (b. 1932), Alvarado's early works showed a keen awareness of international trends such as abstract expressionism. A UNESCO grant in 1969 allowed him to travel to Japan, where he was influenced by oriental art, Zen, and Buddhism.

In his drawings, serigraphs, and bright acrylic paintings, Alvarado experiments with reducing art to its essential forms, and his work ranges from precise, hard-edge paintings like Homenaje a Varèse (1972) to such strong gestural compositions as Buda No. 120 (1981). In the 1970s, he held the position of director of the Department of Visual Arts of Panama's Instituto Nacional de Cultura.

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Alvarado, Antonio (1938–)

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