Alvarado (Green), Manuel (Bernardo)

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ALVARADO (GREEN), Manuel (Bernardo)

ALVARADO (GREEN), Manuel (Bernardo). British (born Guatemala), b. 1948. Genres: Communications/Media, Young adult non-fiction. Career: Teacher of English at comprehensive schools in London, England, 1971-72; City College, London, lecturer in film and TV studies, 1972-74; Society for Education in Film and Television, London, education officer, 1975-78; University of London, lecturer, 1975-79; Institute of Education, London, lecturer in TV and film studies, 1978-83; Universite de Picardie, teacher of an annual course on British TV, 1978-; lecturer in Australia, 1980, 1982, 1984; British School of Motoring, head of education and instructor training, 1984; Ithaca College, lecturer, 1984-87; UNESCO and Broadcasting Research Unit, London, research fellow and director of Intl Video Flow Research Project, 1984-86; Boston University, London Centre, head of journalism and communications, 1986-88; Institute of Media Training, London, asst director of studies, 1987-88; John Libbey Media Publications, editorial director, 1988-; British Broadcasting Corp., senior assistant, 1989; British Film Institute, London, head of education in Research Division, 1989-93; Research on Media Associates, co-founder and co-director, 1991; Nottingham Trent University, England, reader in media studies, 1993-95; University of Luton, senior research fellow, 1995, professor of media arts, 1996-. Publications: (with C. Mottershead) Television and the Image, 1974; (with J. Caughie) Metz's Grande Syntagmatique and Godard's Tout Va Bien, 1974; Practical Television Work, 1976; (with E. Buscombe) Hazell: The Making of a TV Series, 1978; (with B. Ferguson) The Troubles, 1980; Audience/Education/Television, 1981; (with J. Tulloch) Doctor Who: The Unfolding Text, 1983; (with J. Stewart) Made for Television: Euston Films Limited, 1985; Media Imperialism, the New Information Order, and the International Flow of Television, 1985; (with R. Gutch and T. Wollen) Learning the Media, 1987; Television and Video (for teenagers), 1987; Mexican Food and Drink (for teenagers), 1988; (with others) East of Dallas, 1988; Countries of the World: Spain (for teenagers), 1989; The Place and Function of Media Education, 1990; Media Education in the 1990s, 1992. EDITOR: Video World-Wide, 1988; (with J.O. Thompson) The Media Reader, 1990; (with O. Boyd-Barrett, and contrib.) Media Education, 1992; (with Buscombe and R. Collins) The Screen Education Reader, 1993; (with J. King and A. Lopez) Mediating Two Worlds, 1993. Contributor to books and periodicals. Address: 49 Tremadoc Rd, Clapham, London SW4 7NA, England. Online address: [email protected]

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Alvarado (Green), Manuel (Bernardo)

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