Hughes, Lindsey 1949-2007 (Lindsey Audrey Jennifer Hughes)

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Hughes, Lindsey 1949-2007 (Lindsey Audrey Jennifer Hughes)


See index for CA sketch: Born May 4, 1949, in England; died of cancer, April 26, 2007. Educator and author. Hughes was a noted authority on Russian history and culture, especially of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. She earned her B.A. at Sussex University, and her Ph.D. from Cambridge. Learning the language, history, art, architecture, and music of Russia, she began teaching at Queen's University Belfast in 1974, and was on the University of Reading faculty from 1977 to 1987. Hughes joined the London University School of Slavonic and East European Studies that year, and in 1997 became a full professor. Over the years, she published biographies and histories about Russia, several of which were critically praised. Among her works are Sophia, Regent of Russia, 1657-1704 (1990) and Russia in the Age of Peter the Great: 1682-1725 (1998), which was later updated as Peter the Great: A Biography (2002). In addition to her love of history, Hughes was a talented singer, and when in Russia doing research she appeared on children's television shows singing English songs. Back in England, she participated in choirs, such as the St. Paul's Knightsbridge Festival Choir. Hughes was working on a history of the Romanov dynasty at the time of her death.



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