Hefer, Hayim (Baruch) 1925-

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HEFER, Hayim (Baruch) 1925-


Born October 29, 1925, in Sosnowice, Poland; son of Isachar Feiner and Rivka Hertzberg; married Ruth Morhy-Levy; children: Miryam. Education: Attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Religion: Jewish.


Home—53 Arlozoroff St., Tel Aviv, Israel.


Writer, translator. Former columnist for Yediot Ahronot. El-Hamam Satirical Theater, cofounder, 1960. Worked for the Consul for Cultural Affairs for the West Coast.


Hebrew Writers Association, Israeli Arts Council for Theater and Film.


Sokolov Prize for Outstanding Journalism, 1969, for column in Yediot Ahronot; Israel Prize for Song-Writing, 1983.


Milim la-manginot, Hotsa at Amikamn (Tel Aviv, Israel), 1961.

The Megilla of Itzik Manger (play), produced on Broadway, 1969.

To Live Another Summer, to Pass Another Winter (play), produced on Broadway, 1971.

(With Dan Ben-Amotz) Tel-Aviv ha-ketanah: hizayon, Sifre Metsi'ut (Tel Aviv, Israel), 1980.

Af milah ra ah, Zemorah-Bitan (Tel Aviv, Israel), 1998.

Author of screenplays, including The Rooster, or The Boys Will Never Believe It, 1971; Tevie and His Seven Daughters; The Trial of the Stubborn; Hot Line to Damascus; Kazabian; On a Narrow Bridge, 1985. Author of Sefer ha-pizmonim shel Hayim Hefer, 1981. Hefer is also the author of over a thousand song lyrics.


Hayim Hefer was born in Poland, but relocated to Israel in 1936. He told CA: "In 1943 I joined the Palmach, the commandos of the Israeli underground army, and was instrumental in bringing the illegal immigrants in from Syria and Lebanon. In 1948, during the Israeli War of Liberation, I formed the Chizbatron, the first Israeli Army entertainment troupe, and wrote most of their material." He is the author of song lyrics, musicals, plays, screenplays, newspaper columns, and books.



New York Times, October 22, 1971, Clive Barnes, review of To Live Another Summer, to Pass Another Winter.