Heeswijk, Monastery of

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House of the premonstratensians, near 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlandsformerly of the Diocese of Utrecht, today Diocese of 's Hertogenbosch. It was founded in 113031 by Fulco of Berne as a daughterhouse of Marienweerd, at Berne, near Heusden; today nothing is left. For almost 300 years after the monastery was destroyed in 1579, the monks lived in various places of refuge without a cloister, the longest recorded exclaustration in the history of the Church. In 1857 it reestablished itself under its old name, Berne, at Heeswijk. The monastery sent to America (18931902) a foundation that established St. Norbert Abbey, DePere, Wisconsin, and another to Germany (Windberg) in 1923. Heeswijk has a priory in Essenburgh, maintains a gymnasium, has nine incorporated parishes, and directs a missionary diocese in India (Jubbulpore).

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