Hefter, Alfred

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HEFTER, ALFRED (Hidalgo ; 1892–1957), Romanian editor, journalist, and author. Born in Jassy and influenced by Marxism, Hefter published a pamphlet in this spirit in 1908 together with his brother, the Socialist journalist Jean Hefter (1887–1974). Alfred Hefter edited the symbolist magazine Versuri şi Prozǎ in Jassy (1912–14), the paper Arena in 1918 (suspended by censor), and then Lumea, which appeared until 1924. Moving to Bucharest, he edited two papers there, but incurred government opposition and left for France, later moving to Geneva, Switzerland (1931), where he edited the French-language journal Le Moment. Having returned to Bucharest he had to leave again in 1941, settling in Jerusalem. In 1948 he left for France, and went to Italy, where he went into business. He died in Rome. His published works include Cuvinte despre oameni ("Some Words on People," 1913), Din umbrǎ ("From the Shadow," 1913), and two dramatic works, Ariana (1915) and Miros de iarbā ("Smell of Grass," 1915).


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[Lucian-Zeev Herscovici (2nd ed.)]

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Hefter, Alfred

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