Hegemann, Werner Manfred Maria Ellis

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Hegemann, Werner Manfred Maria Ellis (1881–1936). German architect and planner, he designed (in association with Elbert Peets (1881–1936)) several Garden Suburbs in the USA, and (again with Peets), published The American Vitruvius: An Architects' Handbook of Civic Art (1922), an important work in city-planning literature in which Beaux-Arts ideas and the influence of Sitte are clear. In Berlin he edited Wasmuths Monatshefte für Baukunst und Städtebau (Wasmuth's Monthly Periodicals for Architecture and Town Planning) from 1922, and wrote prolifically on architecture and planning. He was a major influence in the USA, especially after he returned to the USA having fallen foul of Nazism, which he denounced in a volume published in 1933.


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