Chung, Lily

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PERSONAL: Born in Hong Kong; naturalized U.S. citizen; daughter of Ping Kwan and Meilen (Ling) Chung; married Glen Wan, February, 1975. Education: Chinese University of Hong Kong, B.A., 1963; Kent State University, M.A., 1967; University of Minnesota—Twin Cities, Ph.D., 1972. Religion: "Multi." Hobbies and other interests: Natural law, metaphysics.

ADDRESSES: Home and office—Pacifica, CA. Agent—c/o Author Mail, Llewellyn Worldwide, P.O. Box 64383, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383. E-mail—[email protected]

CAREER: High school teacher in Hong Kong, 1963-65; instructor in geography at colleges in Hong Kong and Pennsylvania, 1969-75; Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, CA, employee, 1976-95; City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, instructor in Chinese metaphysics, 1996-97. Practitioner of feng shui and divination; instructor in Chinese metaphysics and talk show host for Sinocast (Chinese radio station), 1996-97; also workshop presenter.

MEMBER: Society of Metaphysicians (London, England).


Human Geography for Hong Kong, 1977.

The Path to Good Fortune: The Meng, Llewellyn Worldwide (St. Paul, MN), 1997.

Easy Ways to Harmony, Gold Medal Books (Pacifica, CA), 1999.

Calendars for Feng Shui and Divination (e-book), (Lincoln, NE), 2000.

Columnist, Asian Week, 1992—; also author of a feng shui column for California Property.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Natural Laws: The Wisdom of I Ching.

SIDELIGHTS: Lily Chung once told CA: "My motivation for writing began with frustration about the uncontrollable changes in our lives. Why does our luck change beyond our control while our endowment does not change? If we are so smart, why can't we succeed all the time? The answer is cyclical cosmic flows.

"This is not a new topic. The formulas on how the flows of the five elements affect human destiny have been applied and proven by the huge Chinese population for more than a thousand years. Chinese are blessed with three mysterious metaphysical documents: the lunar calendar which registers the timely cosmic flows, I Ching which preaches natural law, and the number plate from which feng shui was originated. These tools have to come out to benefit the world. Authentic Chinese metaphysicians who have mastered the subject through a lifetime of devotion don't speak English. Those who are making waves on the global stage on this subject don't read Chinese. I feel the need to bridge the gap.

"I first completed the most important task by converting the lunar calendar into English. It is a Bible for all Chinese metaphysicians, a tool with which to chart the personal flow and the grand cosmic flow in order to design the best possible environment for the individual. None of the western practitioners on Chinese feng shui are aware of this procedure, because the tool only recently became available.

"My research on many great political leaders in the western world, hundreds of Nobel Prize winners and Olympic gold medalists, and many others has supported these formulas. Luck plays the key! This is the subject of my book, The Path to Good Fortune: The Meng.

"As an advocate of natural law, I have also completed a manuscript on the most functional I Ching divination system. It is a vital key to learn the natural law. My second book, Easy Ways to Harmony, summarizes some of these findings. All of us want and try hard to be successful, but the privilege is assigned to only a few by birth. Can we do something about it? My system offers some help. We can identify our endowment and the problem spot that keeps us from fulfilling our goals. By attuning to the flows, we can turn our luck into success. My passion is to find out the truth about luck."*