Bieringer, R(eimund) 1957-

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BIERINGER, R(eimund) 1957-


Born May 2, 1957, in Hamburg, Germany. Education: Catholic University of Louvain, Ph.D., 1988. Religion: Roman Catholic.


Office—Faculty of Theology, Catholic University of Louvain, Sint Michielsstraat 6, 3000 Louvain, Belgium. E-mail—[email protected].


Catholic University of Louvain, Louvain, Belgium, professor of theology, 1990—.


(With J. Lambrecht) Studies on 2 Corinthians, Louvain University Press (Louvain, Belgium), 1994.

(Editor) The Corinthian Correspondence, Louvain University Press (Louvain, Belgium), 1996.

(Editor, with D. Pollefeyt and F. Vanneuville) Anti-Judaism and the Fourth Gospel, Westminster John Knox Press (Louisville, KY), 2001.

(Editor, with V. Koperski and B. Lataire) Resurrection in the New Testament: Festschrift J. Lambrecht, Uitgeverij Peeters (Dudley, MA), 2002.

(With Mary Elsbernd) When Love Is Not Enough: A Theo-ethic of Justice, Liturgical Press (Collegeville, MN), 2002.