Bierhorst, John

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BIERHORST, John. American, b. 1936. Genres: Cultural/Ethnic topics, Language/Linguistics, Mythology/Folklore, Natural history. Publications: The Fire Plume, 1969; The Ring in the Prairie, 1970; In the Trail of the Wind, 1971; Four Masterworks of American Indian Literature, 1974; Songs of the Chippewa, 1974; Black Rainbow, 1976; The Red Swan, 1976; The Girl Who Married a Ghost and Other Tales from the North American Indian, 1978; A Cry from the Earth, 1979; The Whistling Skeleton, 1982; The Sacred Path, 1983; The Hungry Woman, 1984; Spirit Child, 1984; The Mythology of North America, 1985; Cantares Mexicanos, 1985; A Nahuatl-English Dictionary with a Concordance to the Cantares Mexicanos, 1985; The Monkey's Haircut and Other Stories Told by the Maya, 1986; Doctor Coyote, 1987; The Naked Bear, 1987; The Mythology of South America, 1988; The Mythology of Mexico and Central America, 1990; History and Mythology of the Aztecs, 1992; Codex Chimalpopoca, 1992; Lightning inside You and Other Native American Riddles, 1992; The Woman Who Fell from the Sky, 1993; On the Road of Stars, 1994; The Way of the Earth, 1994; The White Deer and Other Stories Told by the Lenape, 1995; Mythology of the Lenape, 1995; The Ashokan Catskills, 1995; The Dancing Fox, 1997; The Deetkatoo, 1998; The People with Five Fingers, 2000; (assoc. ed.) The Norton Anthology of World Literature, 2001; Is My Friend at Home?, 2001; Latin American Folktales, 2002. Address: PO Box 10, West Shokan, NY 12494, U.S.A.