Zwyssig, Alberich

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Zwyssig, Alberich

Zwyssig, Alberich (actually, Joseph), Swiss composer; b. Bauen, Nov. 17, 1808; d. Mehrerau, Nov. 18,1854. He entered the order of the Cistercians in 1826, giving up his real name, Joseph, for the monastic name Alberich. He was Kapellmeister in the monasteries of Wettingen, Zug, Wurmbach, and (shortly before his death) Mehrerau. His Schweizer Psalm for Men’s Chorus (1841) attained great popularity, and in 1961 it was named as a pro tempore national anthem of Switzerland. He further composed many sacred and secular choruses, and church music with organ accompaniment.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire