Zychlinska, Rajzel

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ZYCHLINSKA, RAJZEL (1910–2001). Yiddish poet. Born in Gabin (Gombin), Poland, in the years 1936–38 she lived in Warsaw, before escaping to Russia. After returning to Poland in 1947, she lived in Paris (1948–51), and then settled in New York. Her first poems were published in Warsaw in 1928. The fine economy of her short free lyrics has been much praised; she received the Manger Prize in 1975. Her poems have appeared in major Yiddish anthologies and journals, and have been translated into Hebrew, English, French, and German. In book form she published Lider ("Poems," 1936), Der Regn Zingt ("The Rain Sings," 1939), Tsu Loytere Bregn ("To Clear Shores," 1948), Shvaygndike Tirn ("Silent Doors," 1962), Harbstike Skvern ("Autumn Squares," 1969), Di November Zun ("The November Sun," 1977), and Naye Lider ("New Poems," 1993). An English volume of her poetry appeared in 1997: God Hid His Face: Selected Poems.


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[Leonard Prager /

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