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Schwanengesang (Swan Song). Coll. of 14 song-settings by Schubert (D957) issued after his death as a ‘cycle’ by publisher Haslinger; comp. 1827–8. The poets are Heine, Rellstab, and Seidl. The songs, in pubd. order, are: Liebesbotschaft (Love-message), Kriegers Ahnung ( Warrior's presentiment), Frühlingssehnsucht (Longing for Spring), Ständchen (Serenade), Aufenthalt (Staging-post), In der Ferne (In the distance), Abschied (Farewell), Der Atlas (Atlas), Ihr Bild (Her Portrait), Das Fischermädchen (The Fisher Girl), Die Stadt (The Town), Am Meer (By the Sea), Der Doppelgänger (The ghostly double), Die Taubenpost (The Pigeon-post).