Rung, Frederik

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Rung, Frederik

Rung, Frederik , Danish conductor, teacher, and composer, son of Henrik Rung; b. Copenhagen, June 14, 1854; d. there, Jan. 22, 1914. He studied with his father, succeeding him as conductor of the Cecilia Soc. (1871). He founded its Madrigalkoret (1887), which won considerable renown, and was also 2nd conductor (1884–1908) and chief conductor (from 1908) at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen. He taught at the Copenhagen Cons. (1881–93).


DRAMATIC: Opera: Det hemmelige Selskab (The Secret Party; Copenhagen, Feb. 9, 1888); Den trekantede Hat (The 3-cornered Hat; Copenhagen, Nov. 7, 1894). ORCH.: 2 syms.; Rhapsody; Danse des papillons. CHAMBER: Serenade for 9 Instruments; Piano Quintet; 2 string quartets; Violin Sonata; piano pieces; songs.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire