Ganche, Edouard

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Ganche, Edouard

Ganche, Edouard, French physician and writer on music; b. Baulon, Ille-et-Vilaine, Oct. 13, 1880; d. Lyons, May 31, 1945. He was trained in medicine but also received instruction in music in Paris from Imbert and Expert. Although a practicing physician, he devoted much time to the study of Chopin, and was ed. of the Oxford edition of Chopin’s works (3 vols., 1928–32).


(all publ. in Paris): La Vie de Frederic Chopin dans son oeuvre: Sa liaison avec George Sand (1909); Frederic Chopin: Sa vie et ses oeuvres, 1810–1849 (1909; 3rd ed., 1949); La Pologne et Frederic Chopin (1921); Dans le souvenir de Frederic Chopin (1925); Souffrances de Frederic Chopin: Essai de medicine et de psychologic (1934; 2nd ed., 1935); Voyages avec Frederic Chopin (1934).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire