Gandhi, Kasturba (1869–1944)

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Gandhi, Kasturba (1869–1944)

Indian freedom fighter. Name variations: Kasturbai Gandhi; known as Ba. Born 1869 at Porbandar in Gujarat, India; died Feb 22, 1944, in Poona, India; dau. of Gokuladas Makharji (well-to-do businessman); m. Mohandas Gandhi (Indian nationalist and leader), 1882; children: 4 sons, Harilal (b. 1888); Manilal (b. 1892); Ramdas (b. 1897) and Devadas (b. 1900).

At 10, married Mohandas Gandhi; when he decided to observe brahamacharya (vow of chastity), no longer had sexual relations with him; worked alongside husband; joined in the struggle for independence for Indians in South Africa (1897) and was arrested (Sept 1913) and sentenced to 3 months hard labor; later in India, often took husband's place when he was under arrest; following the Quit India movement, joined husband in detention at the Aga Khan's Palace in Poona, where she died.

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