Gamst, Frederick Charles

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GAMST, Frederick Charles

GAMST, Frederick Charles. American, b. 1936. Genres: Anthropology/Ethnology. Career: Prof. of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts, Boston, since 1975 (Assoc. Provost for Graduate Studies, 1978-83). Instr., 1966-67, Asst. Prof., 1967-71, and Assoc. Prof., 1971-75, Rice University Houston. Acting Dir., Houston Inter-University African Studies Prog. 1968-71. Publications: Travel and Research in Northwestern Ethiopia, Notes for Anthropologists and Other Field Workers in Ethiopia No. 2, 1965; The Qemant: A Pagan-Hebraic Peasantry of Ethiopia, 1969; Peasants in Complex Society, 1974; Studies in Cultural Anthropology, 1975; (with E. Norbeck) Ideas of Culture, 1976; The Hoghead: An Industrial Ethnology of the Locomotive Engineer, 1980; (scriptwriter) T-Time: The History of Mass Transit in Boston, 1984; Highballing with Flimsies: Working under Train Orders on the Espee's Coast Line, 1990; (ed.) Letters from the United States of North America on Internal Improvements, Steam Navigation, Banking, Written by Francis Chevalier de Gerstner in 1839, 1990; (ed) Meanings of Work: Considerations for the 21st Century, 1995; Early American Railroads; Franz Anton Ritter Von Gerstners Die innern Communicationen (1842-1843), 2 vol, 1997. Address: Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. of Massachusetts, Harbor Campus, Boston, MA 02125-3393, U.S.A.