Fucik, Julius (Arnošt Vilém)

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Fučik, Julius (Arnošt Vilém)

Fučik, Julius (Arnošt Vilém), Bohemian band-master and composer; b. Prague, July 18, 1872; d. Leitmeritz, Sept. 25, 1916. He studied composition with Dvorak at the Prague Cons., where he also received instruction in violin and bassoon (1885–91). After playing in regimental bands and theater orchs., he was bandmaster of the 86th Austro-Hungarian Regiment in Sarajevo (1897–1900), and later in Budapest, and then was bandmaster of the 92nd Regiment in Theresienstadt (1910–13). He composed many dances and marches for band, including the enormously popular march Entrance of the Gladiators.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire