Boësset, Antoine, Sieur de Villedieu

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Boësset, Antoine, Sieur de Villedieu

Boësset, Antoine, Sieur de Villedieu, French composer; b. Blois, 1586; d. Paris, Dec. 8, 1643. He was active in various positions at the French court from 1613, where he won distinction as a composer of airs de cour (publ, in 9 vols., 1617-42). Among his other works were vocal pieces for ballets de cour and sacred music. His son, Jean-Baptiste (de) Boësset, Sieur de Dehault (b. Paris, 1614; d. there, 1685), was also a composer who was in the service of the French court for about 50 years. He wrote airs de cour and ballets.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Boësset, Antoine, Sieur de Villedieu

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