Boesmans, Philippe

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Boesmans, Philippe

Boesmans, Philippe, Belgian composer; b. Ton-geren, May 17, 1936. He studied composition with Froidebise and Pousseur, and piano at the Liège Cons. (1954–62). His music adheres to the abstract trends of cosmopolitan modernism, with structural formulas determining the contents.


Étude I for Piano (1963); Sonarne I for 2 Pianos (1964) and II for 3 Pianos (1967); Impromptu for 23 Instruments (1965); Correlations for Clarinet and 2 Instrumental Ensembles (Brussels, Sept. 16, 1967); Explosives for Harp and 10 Instrumentalists (1968); Verticles for Orch. (1969); Blocage for Voice, Chorus, and Chamber Ensemble (1970); Upon La, Mi for Voice, Amplified Horn, and Instrumental Ensemble (1970); Fanfare for 2 Pianos (1971); Intervalles I for Orch. (1972), II for Orch. (1973), and III for Voice and Orch. (1974); Sur Mi for 2 Pianos, Electric Organ, Crotale, and Tam-Tam (1974); Multiples for 2 Pianos and Orch. (1974); ElementExtensions for Piano and Chamber Orch. (1976); Doublures for Harp, Piano, Percussion, and 4 Instrumental Groups (1977); Attitudes, musical spectacle for Voice, 2 Pianos, Synthesizer, and Percussion (1977); Piano Concerto (1978); Violin Concerto (1979; Liège, Feb. 22, 1980); Conversions for Orch. (1980); La Passion de Gilles, opera (Brussels, Oct. 18, 1983); Ricercar sconvolto for Organ (1983); Extase for Orch. (1985); String Quartet (1989); Reigen, opera (1992).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire