Ammann, Benno

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Ammann, Benno

Ammann, Benno, Swiss composer; b. Gersau, June 14, 1904; d. Rome, March 14, 1986. He studied with Karg-Elert, Grabner, and Reuter at the Leipzig Cons. (1925) and with Honegger, Milhaud, and Rousseau in Paris (1934–35); later he attended courses in electronic music conducted by Eimert and Meyer-Eppler in Darmstadt (from 1952). He was active at the Studio R7 in Rome (1969–71), the Inst. of Sonology at the Univ. of Ghent (1971–73), and the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center in N.Y. (1977–78). In his works, Ammann embraced a variety of contemporary means of expression.


DRAMATIC: Ballet: Zweimal Besuch (1960); Waterplants (1974). ORCH.: Vision pastorale (1954); Tre Modi for 2 String Orchs. or Strings and Tape (1962); Triodon, 3 pieces for Strings (1963); Gradations for Chamber Orch. (1973). CHAMBER: Successions for Flute (1963); Syntexte for Flute, Harp, and Percussion (1966); IV Phonemata for Cello (1967); 12 Phases for Guitar and Tape (1970); Spatial Forms for 2 String Quartets (1972); Mouvements for Harp and Tape (1976); The Gnome’s Memory for Tuba and Tape (1979); Riflessi per quattro for 4 Clarinets (1981); Lieto per Liuto for Lute (1983); Incontri for 24 Trumpets in 4 Groups (1984). VOCAL: Flucht aus der Tiefe, cantata for Baritone, 3 Choruses, and Percussion Orch. (1960); Sumerian Song for Soprano, 6 Percussion, and Orch. (1971); Ti Porteranno for Soprano, Flute, Cello, Trombone, and Percussion (1974); Tre Canti for Baritone, 2 Clarinets, and Harp (1983); choral pieces; other songs. ELECTRONIC: Breath of the Desert (1974); Splendeurs Nocturnes (1974–79); Poemetto (1977); Mutazione (1978); Wandering strophe (1979).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire