You Tell Me

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You Tell Me ★★ 2006

Three twentysomething slacker buddies on New York's Lower East Side continue to screw up their romantic lives by listening to each other's bad advice. Flint (Fenkart) has been dumped and is crashing at Jeff's (Ledoux) apartment; Jeff has just discovered that both his girlfriend and his mother (who's left his dad) have been cheating; and floundering Gray's (Cary) talented girlfriend is about to break big in the art world, leaving him even more insecure. 88m/C DVD . Jack Davidson, Joshua Cary, David Ledoux, Bryan Fenkart, Amber McDonald, Maren Levin, Ciara Pressler; D: Joshua Cary; W: Joshua Cary, David Ledoux, Bryan Fenkart; C: Colin Bressler; M: Charles Newman. VIDEO