You'll Get Over It

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You'll Get Over It ★★ A Cause d'un Garcon 2002

Seventeen-year-old high schooler Vincent (Baumgartner) is the star of the swim team; has a pretty girlfriend, Noemie (Maraval); and a best pal, Stephane (Comar). But Vincent is also seeing the older Bruno (Ohlund) and struggling with maintaining his secret. Then, new student Benjamin (Elkaim) obviously pursues Vincent and he's outted before the whole school—resulting in feelings of betrayal on all fronts. Soon, Vincent is discovering who his friends really are. French with subtitles. 90m/C DVD . FR Julien Baumgartner, Francois Comar, Julie Marawal, Nils Ohlund, Jeremie Elkaim; D: Fabrice Cazeneuve; W: Vincent Molina; C: Stephan Massis; M: Michel Portal. TV