You Stupid Man

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You Stupid Man ★½ 2002

Actually, “you stupid movie” would be more appropriate. First-timer Burns (brother of Ed) does his own NY romantic-comedy to mixed effect. Geeky writer Owen (Krumholtz) loses hot blonde girlfriend Chloe (Richards) to L.A.'s bright lights and TV fame. So he goes on a blind date and meets brunette babe Nadine (Jovovich) and they eventually get cozy. Then Chloe's TV show gets cancelled and she comes home to the Big Apple and wants Owen back. Is this a Woody Allen fantasy or what? 95m/C DVD . David Krumholtz, Denise Richards, Milla Jovovich, William Baldwin, Dan Montgomery Jr., Jessica Cauffiel; D: Brian Burns; W: Brian Burns; C: David Herrington; M: David Schwartz.