You'll Like My Mother

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You'll Like My Mother ★★½ 1972 (PG)

Surprisingly tense thriller finds preggers Francesca (Duke) traveling to Minnesota to meet the family of her recently deceased husband. Mrs. Kinsolving (Murphy) refuses to acknowledge her but Fran is forced to stay the night because of a snowstorm. She meets the rest of the clan, including mentally retarded Kathleen (Allen) and homicidal Kenny (Thomas). When she learns the truth about these various relations, all the strain pushes Fran into labor and no one's about to let her go to the hospital. Adapted from the novel by Naomi A. Hintze. 92m/C VHS . Patty Duke, Rosemary Murphy, Richard Thomas, Sian Barbara Allen; D: Lamont Johnson; W: Jo Heims; C: Jack Marta; M: Gil Melle.