You, Me and Dupree

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You, Me and Dupree ★★ 2006 (PG-13)

Call it “The Marriage Crasher.” Having recently lost his job, home, and car, down-and-out Dupree (Wilson) becomes the houseguest from hell of his best friend Carl (Dillon) and Carl's reluctant new bride, Molly (Hudson). Dupree strings together rude and crude antics while his hosts react with predictable dismay and lack of confrontation skills; a mugging Douglas adds further strain as a menacing father-in-law who stirs the pot. But Dupree's sleazy charm contrasts with Carl's uptight angst, giving Molly plenty of opportunities to offer cute and soulful looks. Too bad they couldn't be funnier in the process. 108m/C DVD, HD DVD . US Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson, Michael Douglas, Amanda Detmer, Seth Rogen, Todd Stashwick, Harry Dean Stanton; D: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Peter Ellis; W: Michael LeSieur; C: Charles Minsky; M: Rolfe Kent.