Youd, Sam

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YOUD, Sam. Also writes as John Christopher, Hilary Ford, William Godfrey, Peter Graaf, Peter Nichols, Anthony Rye, Stanley Winchester. British, b. 1922. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Science fiction/Fantasy, Young adult fiction. Career: Atlantic Award, 1946; Christopher Medal, 1970; Guardian Award, 1971; Jugendbuchpreis, 1976. Publications: The Winter Swan, 1949; Babel Itself, 1951; Brave Conquerors, 1952; Crown and Anchor, 1953; A Palace of Strangers, 1954; Holly Ash, 1995, in US as The Opportunist, 1957; The Choice, 1961, in US as The Burning Bird, 1964; Messages of Love, 1962; The Summers at Accorn, 1963ADULT NOVELS AS JOHN CHRISTOPHER: The Year of the Comet, 1955; The Death of Grass (in US as No Blade of Grass), 1956; The Caves of Night, 1958; A Scent of White Poppies, 1959; The Long Voyage (in US as The White Voyage), 1960; The World in Winter (in US as The Long Winter), 1962; Cloud on Silver (in US as Sweeney's Island), 1964; The Possessors, 1965; A Wrinkle in the Skin (in US as The Ragged Edge), 1965; The Little People, 1967; Pendulum, 1968; Bad Dream, 2003. YOUNG ADULT NOVELS AS JOHN CHRISTOPHER: The White Mountains, 1967; The City of Gold and Lead, 1967; The Pool of Fire, 1968; The Lotus Caves, 1969; The Guardians, 1970; The Prince in Waiting, 1970; Beyond the Burning Lands, 1971; The Sword of the Spirits, 1972; In the Beginning, 1972, rev. ed. as Dom and Va, 1973; Wild Jack, 1974; Empty World, 1978; Fireball, 1981; New Found Land, 1984; Dragon Dance, 1986; When the Tripods Came, 1988; A Dusk of Demons, 1993. OTHER AS JOHN CHRISTOPHER: The Twenty-Second Century (stories), 1954. NOVELS AS HILARY FORD: Felix Walking, 1958; Felix Running, 1959; Bella on the Roof, 1965; A Figure in Grey, 1973; Sarnia, 1974; Castle Malindine, 1975; A Bride for Bedivere, 1977. AS WILLIAM GODFREY: Malleson at Melbourne, 1956; The Friendly Game, 1957. AS PETER GRAAF: Dust and the Curious Boy, 1957, in US as Give the Devil His Due; Daughter Fair, 1958; Sapphire Conference, 1959; The Gull's Kiss, 1962. AS PETER NICHOLS: Patchwork of Death, 1965. AS ANTHONY RYE: Giant's Arrow, 1956. AS STANLEY WINCHESTER: The Practice, 1967; Men with Knives, 1968; The Helpers, 1970; Ten Per Cent of Your Life, 1973. Address: One Whitefriars, Rye, E. Sussex TN31 7LE, England. Online address: [email protected]