You and Me

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You and Me ★★½ 1938

Joe Dennis (Raft) is an ex-con now employed at the same department store as Helen (Sidney). They fall in love and marry without Helen admitting she's on parole herself and the rules forbid her to wed. When Joe realizes his marriage is illegal (and his wife's a liar), he picks up with his old gang and plans a robbery. Schizophrenic film is an uneasy mixture of comedy, pathos, romance, crime, and even some songs by Lang's associate Kurt Weill. 90m/B VHS . George Raft, Sylvia Sidney, Harry Carey Sr., Robert Cummings, Barton MacLane, Warren Hymer, Roscoe Karns, George E. Stone; D: Fritz Lang; W: Virginia Van Upp; C: Charles B(ryant) Lang Jr.; M: Boris Morros.