Yossi & Jagger

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Yossi & Jagger ★★ 2002

Lior (Levi) and Yossi (Knoller) are soldiers stationed at a remote and snowy Army base on the Israeli-Lebanese border. They also happen to be lovers. They're discreet—Yossi is a career military officer—but Lior, who's nicknamed “Jagger” because of his charisma, is ready to leave the service and come out of the closet so they can live together. Tensions are heightened when two female soldiers, Goldie (Furstenberg) and Yaeli (Koren), arrive and Yaeli immediately makes a play for Jagger. Just as the truth about Yossi and Jagger seems certain to come out, the unit is sent on a dangerous night mission. Restraint is the word for director Fox, which only makes the situation more intense. Hebrew with subtitles. 71m/C DVD . IS Ohad Knoller, Yehuda Levi, Hani Furstenberg, Aya Koren, Assi Cohen, Sharon Reginiano, Erez Kahana; D: Eytan Fox; W: Avner Bernheimer; C: Yaron Sharf; M: Ivri Lider.