A Year Without Love

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A Year Without Love ★★½ Un Ano Sin Amor 2005

Pablo (Minujin) is a young Argentinian writer living with AIDS who is boldly facing the physical effects of the disease while seeking a cure. As a clock sound ticks off the minutes of his fading life, Pablo still hopefully pursues a new love while partaking in the painful pleasure of S&M at various gay clubs in Buenos Aires. Taken from the real-life diaries of Pablo Perez. 95m/C DVD . Juan Minujin, Mimi Ardu, Javier Van de Couter, Carlos Echevarria, Barbara Lombardo, Osmar Nunez; D: Anahi Berneri; W: Anahi Berneri, Pablo Perez; C: Lucio Bonelli; M: Leo Garcia, Martin Bauer.