A Woman's Guide to Adultery

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A Woman's Guide to Adultery ★★½ 1993

Four female friends, living and working in London, find their lives turned upside down by their passions for unavailable men. Political advisor Jo (Donohoe) is involved with married politician Martin (McElhinney) while art tutor Jennifer (Gillies) wants her student David (Morrissey), despite his having a live-in girlfriend. Ad execs Helen (Lacey) and Michael (Dunbar) find their marriage in tatters when Helen admits to an affair with their boss and photographer Rose (Russell) breaks her own rule about adultery by getting involved with married university instructor Paul (Bean). Based on the novel by Carol Clewlow. Made for TV. 145m/C VHS, DVD . GB Theresa Russell, Amanda Donohoe, Sean Bean, Adrian Dunbar, Ingrid Lacey, Fiona Gillies, Neil Morrissey, Danny (Daniel) Webb, Ian McElhinney, Julie Peasgood, Caroline Lee-Johnson; D: David Hayman; W: Frank Cottrell-Boyce; C: Graham Frake; M: Daemion Barry. TV