Wild Iris

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Wild Iris ★★½ 2001 (R)

After Iris Bravard's (Linney) husband commits suicide, she and her young son are forced to move back in with her overbearing yet charming mother Min (Rowlands) and work in the family bridal shop. Eight years later, Iris is an alcoholic shrew who blames her mother for everything bad in her life. Meanwhile, Iris's now-teenaged son Lonnie (Hirsch) is tired of being a referee and walking through the family minefield. 93m/C VHS . Laura Linney, Gena Rowlands, Emile Hirsch, Lee Tergesen, Miguel (Michael) Sandoval, Fred Ward; D: Daniel Petrie; W: Kent Broadhurst; C: Rene Ohashi; M: Laurence Rosenthal. CABLE