Wild Child

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Wild Child 2008 (PG-13)

Bratty, 16-year-old pampered L.A. princess Poppy's (Roberts) latest prank has caused her dad (Quinn) to finally go over the edge. He sends her off to a British boarding school with strict rules, a stricter headmistress (Richardon), and a clique of wealthy British misses who look down their noses at the crass American. Poppy is determined to get herself expelled until she discovers that the mother she doesn't know once attended the school and that she has been given a chance to remake herself (oh yeah, there's also a cute boy involved). Not yet reviewed. ?m/C Emma Roberts, Natasha Richardson, Aidan Quinn, Nick Frost, Alex Pettyfer, Shirley Henderson, Juno Temple, Johnny Pacar, Hallie Kate Eisenberg; D: Nick Moore; W: Lucy Dahl; C: Chris Seager; M: Michael Price.