Tom and Francie

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Tom and Francie ★★★½ 2005

Spinal Tap meets Sesame Street in this fabulous spoof on low-budget TV kids' shows. Twelve years after Tom and Francie's children show “The Flower Shop” is cancelled, they plan a comeback with their new show “Accepting Everyone Through Music.” They are joined by a prop master who expresses his hostility through his puppets and a lawyer who smells a post-Barney gravy train. Applecheeked Golden is a standout as kidshow trouper Francie. 85m/C DVD . Annie Golden, Chris Fields, Steven Skybell, Tara O'Boyle; D: Patrick Michael Denny; W: Patrick Michael Denny; C: Patrick Michael Denny; M: Annie Golden, Chris Fields, Patrick Michael Denny. VIDEO