Tom Clancy's Netforce

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Tom Clancy's Netforce ★★ Netforce 1998 (R)

In 2005, technology has become so advanced that a special unit of the FBI, known as Netforce, has been established to police the Internet. Alex Michaels (Bakula) heads the unit after the murder of predecessor Steve Day (Kristofferson), leading Michaels to believe that criminals are trying to cause a global computer crash. Michael's two prime suspects are computer mogul Will Stiles (Reinhold) and crime boss Leong Cheng (Tagawa). Based on a story cowritten by Clancy. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Scott Bakula, Joanna Going, Brian Dennehy, Kris Kristofferson, Judge Reinhold, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, CCH Pounder, Paul Hewitt, Chelsea Field, Frank Vincent, Alexa Vega, Victor Raider-Wexler; D: Robert Lieberman; W: Lionel Chetwynd; C: David Hennings; M: Jeff Rona. TV