Tom Jones 1963

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Tom Jones ★★★★ 1963

Bawdy comedy based on Henry Fielding's novel about a rustic playboy's wild life in 18th century England. Hilarious and clever with a grand performance by Finney. One of the sexiest eating scenes ever. Redgrave's debut. Theatrically released at 129 minutes, the film was recut by the director, who decided it needed tightening before its 1992 rerelease on video. 121m/ C VHS, DVD . GB Albert Finney, Susannah York, Hugh Griffith, Edith Evans, Joan Greenwood, Diane Cilento, George Devine, David Tomlinson, Joyce Redman, Lynn Redgrave, Julian Glover, Peter Bull, David Warner; D: Tony Richardson; W: John Osborne; C: Walter Lassally; M: John Addison. Oscars ‘63: Adapt. Screenplay, Director (Richardson), Picture, Orig. Score; British Acad. ‘63: Film, Screenplay; Directors Guild ‘63: Director (Richardson); Golden Globes ‘64: Film—Mus./ Comedy, Foreign Film; Natl. Bd. of Review ‘63: Director (Richardson); N.Y. Film Critics ‘63: Actor (Finney), Director (Richardson), Film.