Tisdell, Clement Allan

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TISDELL, Clement Allan

TISDELL, Clement Allan. Australian, b. 1939. Genres: Economics, Environmental sciences/Ecology, Local history/Rural topics. Career: Postdoctoral travelling scholar, 1965; Australian National University, Canberra, lecturer, 1966, sr. lecturer, 1967, reader in economics, 1967-72; University of Newcastle, NSW, professor of economics, 1972-89; University of Queen- sland, professor of economics, 1989-. Publications: The Theory of Price Uncertainty, Production and Profit, 1968; Microeconomics, 1972; Economics of Markets, 1974; Microeconomia, 1978; Economics of Fibre Markets, 1979; Economics in Our Society, 1979; Science and Technology Policy, 1981; (with K. Hartley) Micro-economic Policy, 1981; Microeconomics of Markets, 1982; Wild Pigs, 1982; (with T. Fairbairn) Economic Growth among Small Pacific Countries, 1983; Economic Threshold Models and Weed Control, 1985; (co) Economics in Canadian Society, 1986; (co) Weed Control Economics, 1987; Transaction Costs/Property Rights and Market Failure in Relation to Science and Technology Policy, 1987; (with G. Edwards) Internal Efficiency of the Primary and Secondary Education Systems in Zimbabwe, 1988; (with G. Edwards) Regional Access to School Education in Zimbabwe, 1988; Economic Management of Tourism Based on Natural Sites, 1988; Australian Interests and Resource-Use Conflicts, in the Indian Ocean, 1988; (co) Developmental Issues in Small Island Economics, 1990; Natural Resources, Growth and Development, 1990; (with M. Alauddin) The Green Revolution and Economic Development, 1991; Economics of Environmental Conservation, 1991; Economic Development in the Context of China, 1993; Environmental Economics, 1993; (with T. Fairbairn) Applicability and Use of Natural Resource Accounting and Environmental Economics in Small Island Developing States, 1994; Bounded Rationality and Economic Evolution, 1996; (with M. Alauddin) Environment and Economic Development in South Asia, 1998; Biodiversity, Conservation, and Sustainable Development, 1999; (with W. Lakshman) Sri Lanka's Development since Independence, 2000; Tourism Economics, the Environment and Development, 2001; (with J.J. Wen) Tourism and China's Development, 2001; Economics of Conserving Wildlife and Natural Areas, 2002; Ecological and Environmental Economics, 2003; Economics and Ecology in Agriculture and Marine Production, 2003. EDITOR/CO-EDITOR: The Economics of Structural Change and Adjustment, 1979; Contributed Economic Essays, 1987; Technological Change, Development and the Environment, 1988; Economics of Tourism, 1988, rev. ed., 2000; Marine Pollution and Tourism, 1988; (with K. Roy et al.) Economic Development of Poor Countries, 1991; (with Y. Toyama) Japan-Australia Economic Relations in the 1990s, 1991; (with K. Roy and R. Sen) Economic Development and Environment, 1992; Giant Clams in the Sustainable Development of the South Pacific, 1992; (with others) Economic Development and Women in the World Community, 1996; (with others) Environment and Sustainable Agricultural Development, 1996; (with others) China and the Asia Pacific Economy, 1997; (with J. Chai) China's Economic Growth and Transition, 1997; (with others) World Trade and Development, 1997; (with K. Roy) Tourism and Development, 1998; (with K. Roy) Tourism in India and India's Economic Development, 1998; (with A. Dragun) Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, 1999; (with R.K. Sen) Economic Globalisation, 2004. Address: School of Economics, University of Queen- sland, Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia. Online address: [email protected]