Things 2

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Things 2 ★★½ 1997

Sequel to 1993's “Things.” When a pizza delivery girl gets stranded at the creepy home of a strange horror novelist he entertains her with two tales of terror. Oh yes, if the girl can solve the mysteries within the stories, she gets to live. If not, well… The first has a cheating wife plotting to rid herself of hubby by using the ferocious small creature (with big teeth) she's trained to kill on her command. But the creature has other ideas. The second story finds a fashion photographer suspecting that a serial killer stalking her neighborhood may not be human. 85m/C VHS . Angela Eads, David Hussey, Rich Ward, Margie Rey; D: Steve Jarvis, Dennis Devine, Mike Bowler; W: Steve Jarvis, Dennis Devine, Mike Bowler; C: Craig Incardone; M: Adam Karpel.