Things 1993

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Things ★★½ 1993

Two horror tales told by a jilted wife who's holding her husband's mistress hostage. “The Box” finds evil Mayor Black (Delama) incensed about a newly opened brothel in his hick Nevada town. So he decides to teach the hookers a lesson with the help of a bizarre, boxed creature that's with him at all times. “Thing in a Jar” finds an abusive husband and his mistress plotting to kill his mousy wife. Only the murder victim comes back to haunt the deadly duo—at least parts of her do. Nicely grotesque special effects courtesy of Mike Tristano. 85m/C VHS . Neil Delama, Trey Howard, Debra Stevens, Courtney Lercara, Kinder Hunt; Cameos: Jeff Burr; D: Dennis Devine, Jay Woelfel; W: Dennis Devine, Steve Jarvis, Mike Bowler.