Think Fast, Mr. Moto

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Think Fast, Mr. Moto ★★½ 1937

Japanese sleuth Mr. Moto (Lorre) is trailing diamond smugglers and boards a ship bound for Shanghai. He befriends Robert Hitchings (Beck), the son of the ship's owner. Robert has fallen for singer Gloria (Field) who's tied in with the smugglers and, upon their arrival, Moto must sort out the criminals from the patsies. More actionpacked than the Charlie Chan mysteries although Mr. Moto is equally inscrutable. Based on the J.P. Marquand novels. First in the series. 66m/B DVD . Peter Lorre, Thomas Beck, Virginia Field, Lee Phelps, Sig Rumann, John Rogers, Murray Kinnell; D: Norman Foster; W: Norman Foster, Charles Kenyon, Howard E. Smith; C: Harry Jackson; M: Samuel Kaylin.