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Swimfan ★½ 2002 (PG-13)

Watered down, teen “Fatal Attraction.” Ben Cronin (Bradford) is a suburban NYC high school swimming star, and Madison Bell (Christensen) a new girl in town who hooks the studly jock and reels him in. Otherwise involved, the promising athlete allows Madison to seduce him in the pool on one occasion, which automatically sets off her crazy mechanism. She immediately begins to run the well-worn stalker playbook. Ben's life begins to unravel due to Madison's devious designs and after a face-off with his psycho one-night-stand, he's forced to fight back with the help of her cousin, the class nerd. Mildly thrilling pic suffers from editing and continuity gaffes. 93m/C VHS, DVD . US Erika Christensen, Jesse Bradford, Shiri Appleby, Kate Burton, Clayne Crawford, Jason Ritter, Kia Joy Goodwin, Dan Hedaya, Michael Higgins, Nick Sandow, James DeBello, Pamela Isaacs, Phyllis Somerville; D: John Polson; W: Charles F. Bohl, Phillip Schneider; C: Giles Nuttgens; M: Louis Febre.