Strike Me Pink

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Strike Me Pink ★★ 1936

Shy Eddie Pink (Cantor) decides to change his ways after reading a self-help book and takes on the management of the local amusement park. Then some crooks want to muscle in on the action and Eddie must prove his mettle. Merman as girlfriend Joyce gets to belt out a few songs. ♫The Lady Dances; Shake It Off with Rhythm; You Have Me High, You Have Me Low; Calabash Pipe. 100m/B VHS . Eddie Cantor, Ethel Merman, Sally Eilers, William Frawley, Parkyakarkus (Harry Einstein), Brian Donlevy, Jack La Rue; D: Norman Taurog; W: Frank Butler, Walter DeLeon, Francis Martin; C: Gregg Toland, Merritt B. Gerstad; M: Harold Arlen.