Solomon and Gaenor

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Solomon and Gaenor ★★ 1998 (R)

Around 1911, a young Jewish peddler named Solomon (Gruffudd) meets Gaenor (Roberts), the daughter of Welsh mineworkers. Hiding his Orthodox Jewish origins, Solomon calls himself Sam and the young duo are soon in love. Gaenor winds up pregnant and her family wants to send her away and force her to give up the baby. She finally tracks down Solomon's family but they are equally upset that their son is involved with a gentile. Amidst all this family turmoil, is a violent dispute between the workers and the mine owners. Conventional tear-stained period piece. 103m/C VHS, DVD . GB Ioan Gruffudd, Nia Roberts, Mark Lewis Jones, William Thomas, Maureen Lipman, David Horovitch; D: Paul Morrison; W: Paul Morrison; C: Nina Kellgren; M: Ilona Sekacz.