Sleuth 1972

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Sleuth ★★★ ½ 1972 (PG)

Milo (Caine), the owner of a chain of hair salons, is invited to the home of detective novelist Andrew Wyke (Olivier), who reveals that he Milo and Wyke's wife Marguerite are lovers. He persuades Milo to assist him with a fake robbery and an insurance scam that will help them both. Of course, Shaffer's complex plot (taken from his play) results in ever shifting, elaborate, and diabolical plots against each man, complete with red herrings, traps, and tricks. Playful, cerebral mystery thriller from top director Mankiewicz. 138m/C VHS, DVD . Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine, John Matthews, Alec Cawthorne, Teddy Martin; D: Joseph L. Mankiewicz; W: Anthony Shaffer; C: Oswald Morris; M: John Addison. N.Y. Film Critics '72: Actor (Olivier).