Rush 1991

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Rush ★★★ 1991 (R)

Texas drug culture, circa 1975, is portrayed in this bleak cop drama. Rookie narcotics officer Kristen Cates (Leigh) goes undercover with the experienced Raynor (Patric) to catch a bigtime dealer, menancingly played by Allman, and their bosses don't much care how they do it. Cates falls in love with Raynor and is drawn ever deeper into the drugaddicted world they are supposed to destroy. Fine performances and a great blues score by Clapton. The directorial debut of Zanuck. Based on exnarcotics cop Kim Wozencraft's autobiographical novel. 120m/C VHS, DVD . Jason Patric, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gregg Allman, Max Perlich, Sam Elliott, Tony Frank, William Sadler, Special K. McCray; D: Lili Fini Zanuck; W: Pete Dexter; C: Kenneth Macmillan; M: Eric Clapton.