Rosen, Michael (Wayne)

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ROSEN, Michael (Wayne)

ROSEN, Michael (Wayne). British, b. 1946. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Children's fiction, Plays/Screenplays, Poetry, Humor/Satire. Career: Freelance writer and broadcaster: created "Everybody Here" series, Channel 4 Television, London, 1982-83. Publications: CHILDREN'S FICTION: Once There Was a King Who Promised He Would Never Chop Anybody's Head Off, 1976; The Bakerloo Flea, 1979; Nasty!, 1982; Hairy Tales and Nursery Crimes, 1984; How to Get out of the Bath and Other Problems, 1984; Under the Bed (miscellany), 1986; Smelly Jelly Smelly Fish (miscellany), 1986; Hard-Boiled Legs (miscellany), 1987; You're Thinking about Doughnuts, 1987; Spollyollytiddlydiddlyitis (miscellany), 1987, as Down at the Doctors, 1987; Norma and the Washing Machine, 1988; Beep Beep!: Here Come-The Horribles!, 1988; The Class Two Monster, 1989; We're Going on a Bear Hunt, 1989; The Golem of Old Prague (stories), 1990; The Royal Huddle, 1990; The Royal Muddle (stories), 1990; Clever Cakes (stories), 1991; The Deadman Tapes, 1991; Burping Bertha, 1993; Songbird Story, 1993; Moving, 1993; The Arabian Frights and Other Gories, 1994; Off the Wall, 1994; Even Stevens, F.C., 1995; This Is Our House, 1996; Shore, 1998; Rover, 1999; Mission Ziffoid, 1999; William Shakespeare, 2001. CHILDREN'S POETRY: Mind Your Own Business, 1974; (with R. McGough) You Tell Me, 1979; Wouldn't You Like to Know, 1981; You Can't Catch Me!, 1981; I See a Voice (on poetry), 1981; (ed. with S. Steele) Inky Pinky Ponky, 1982; Quick, Let's Get Out of Here, 1983; Bloody L.I.A.R.S, 1984; Don't Put Mustard in the Custard, 1985; When Did You Last Wash Your Feet?, 1986; The Hypnotiser, 1988; Freckly Feet and Itchy Knees, 1990; Never Mind!, 1990; Who Drew on the Baby's Head?, 1991; Mind the Gap, 1992; Nuts about Nuts, 1993; You Are, Aren't You?, 1993; The Best of Michael Rosen, 1995; Michael Rosen's ABC, 1996; The Zoo at Night, 1996; The Skin of Your Back, 1996; You Wait till I'm Older Than You, 1996; Michael Rosen's Book of Nonsense, 1997; Lunch Boxes Don't Fly, 1999; Even More Nonsense, 2000; Centrally Heated Knickers, 2000. ANTHOLOGIES, AS EDITOR: (with D. Jackson) Speaking to You (for children), 1984; Kingfisher Book of Children's Poetry, 1985; (with J. Griffiths) That'd Be Telling (stories), 1986; A Spider Bought a Bicycle (for children), 1987; Kingfisher Book of Funny Stories, 1988; Experiences, 1989; Tell Tales, 1989; Culture Shock, 1990; Dirty Ditties, 1990; Stories from Overseas/Histoires d'outre-mer (folk tales), 1990; Give Me Shelter, 1991; Mini Beasties, 1991, as Itsy-Bitsy Beasties, 1992; Vulgar Verses, 1991; (with D. Widgery) The Chatto Book of Dissent, 1991; A World of Poetry, 1991; Rude Rhymes, 1992; South and North, East and West, The Oxfam Book of Children's Stories, 1992; Action Replay, 1993; Poems for the Very Young, 1993; A Different Story: Poems from the Past, 1994; Pilly Soems, as Michael Rosen's Book of Very Silly Poems, 1994; The Penguin of Childhood, 1994; Rude Rhymes II, 1994; Penguin Book of Childhood, 1994; Walking the Bridge of Your Nose, 1995; (with M. Barrs) A Year with Poetry, 1997; A Different Story, 1997; Classic Poetry, 1998; Night-Night Knight, 1998. RETELLING OF FOLK TALES: A Cat and Mouse Story, 1982; The Wicked Tricks of Till Owlyglass, 1989; Little Rabbit Foo Foo, 1990; How the Animals Got Their Colours, 1991; How the Giraffe Got Such a Long Neck, 1993; The Old Woman and the Pumpkin, 1994; Crow and Hawk, 1995. PLAYS: Backbone, 1968; Stewed Figs, 1968; Regis Debray (radio play), 1971; Everybody Here (TV series), 1982; Mordecai Vanunu: A Reconstruction, 1993. OTHER: Did I Hear You Write?, 1987; Silly Stories (jokes), 1988; Goodies and Daddies, An A-Z Guide to Fatherhood, 1991; (ed.) Son- sense Nongs (song book), 1992; (with J. Burridge) Treasure Islands II, 1993; Rap with Rosen, 1995; Figgy Roll, 1995; (ed.) The Secret Life of Schools, 1997. Address: c/o PFD, Drury House, 34-43 Russell St, London WC2B 5HA, England.