Rosen, Yehoshua

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ROSEN, YEHOSHUA (1918–2002), Israeli basketball coach. Known in Israel as "Mister Basketball" and considered one of the outstanding coaches in the country, Rosen came to Israel with his family from Egypt in the 1920s and immediately began to play basketball. At the age of 14 he was already playing on the Maccabi Tel Aviv senior team, continuing with them into the 1940s. In 1947 he was named coach of Israel's national basketball team and led it to three European tournament finals. In 1953 he became the coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv, running the team 18 years and winning 12 national championships and nine state cups. In 1984 he led Hapoel Tel Aviv to the state cup. Rosen coached for 40 years, until his retirement at the end of the 1980s, mentoring some of Israel's top homegrown players, such as Mickey *Berkowitz and Doron Jamchi. He was awarded the Israel Prize in 1989 for his contribution to Israeli basketball.


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