Roll of Ipsden, Baron

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ROLL OF IPSDEN, Baron. (Eric Roll). British (born Austria), b. 1907. Genres: Economics, History, Money/Finance. Career: Professor of Economics and Commerce, University College of Hull, 1935-46; formerly with the U.K. Civil Service: Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Dept. of Economic Affairs, 1964-66; Banker and President, S.G. Warburg Group, London 1984-95 (Joint Chairman, 1967-74; Chairman, 1974-84); Senior Adviser, UBS Ltd, 1995-. Publications: An Early Experiment in Industrial Organisation, 1930; Spotlight on Germany, 1933; About Money, 1934; Elements of Economic Theory, 1935; A History of Economic Thought, 1938, 5th ed., 1992; The Combined Food Board, 1957; The World after Keynes, 1968; The Uses and Abuses of Economics, 1978; (ed.) The Mixed Economy, 1982; Crowded Hours (autobiography), 1985; Where Did We Go Wrong, 1995; Where Are We Going, 2000. Address: 1 Finsbury Ave, London EC2 M2PP, England.